Oops! I Used it Again..

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Ever find out that you and your sibling/partner/roomie have unwittingly been using the same toothbrush? Major gag moment. Maybe you've even tried to rationalize sharing in a pinch, or someone else has tried to convince you its not thaaat big of a deal. So.. is it as gross as it sounds?

Generally, it's the same amount of germ/bacteria transfer as making out with someone. So there's that thought. However, the toothbrush in question could house some more sinister risks.

The worst possible thing:

"A review of case studies, published in Nursing Study and Practice, found that toothbrushes often contain disease-causing bacteria and viruses such as staph, E. coli, and Pseudomonas. You could get a periodontal disease, or oral herpes (which causes cold sores) if the toothbrush's owner currently has a fever blister. If your gums bleed and bacteria enters your bloodstream, you're even at risk for hepatitis, HIV, and other communicable diseases." -Prevention.com

Basically, try not to borrow someone's toothbrush or allow yours to be mixed up with your housemate's (hello, Shlocker?). Keeping yours stored properly (ahem, like in a Shlocker) will further protect your toothbrush bristles from  the dreaded -and very real- particles from the toilet flush blast zone. 

Now just in case this article hit a little too close to home and you're in need of a new toothbrush, we have to recommend the following:

Curaprox Soft Toothbrush: Found this in a local CVS and what a game changer, especially if you have sensitive teeth! This feels like I'm luxuriously cleaning and pampering my little chompers, instead of scrubbing and scratching and abusing them. Seriously, give this Swiss brand a whirl and thank me later. Plus, they are super attractive and the colors are so much better that your standard toothbrush. Do yourself a favor and get the 3 pack from Amazon, that way you stand even less of a chance of mixing one up with your roomie.

Curaprox Ultra Soft Trio Pack - $12.91 on Amazon


Tom's of Maine - Most Trustworthy Toothpaste: Maybe you're on the other side of the fence on the fluoride debate, but we choose to forgo it in our household. Tom's of Maine makes a consistently great and trusty toothpaste. No added colors (ever wonder why you'd put blue dye- or "sparkles" in your mouth to clean it??), overpowering/artificial flavors, or fragrances. Once you make the switch you'll never want to touch Crest again. Tom's also makes a nice, safe mouthwash and floss. Links to all on Amazon below. 

Fluoride-free, antiplaque and whitening toothpaste- Two for $7.49 on Amazon


Stay Flossy - $4.36 on Amazon

Wicked Fresh Breath - $9.60 on Amazon