Instructions for installing + using your Shlocker

How to adhere the Shlocker using the included suction cups:

  1. Wipe down mounting surface.
  2. Separate the suction cup + bracket body from the tightening cap
  3. Fit the suction cup + bracket body into hole on back of Shlocker.
  4. Align suction cup(s) with surface.
  5. Turn counter clockwise to lock in place.

Setting or resetting your lock:

  1. First, set the lock to it’s default factory code: 000
  2. Then, on the back of the lock (inside the door), push the pin from “A” to “B.”
  3. Set the lock to a code you’ll remember, then push the pin back to the “A” position.
  4. Make sure to remember your new Shlocker code!